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Hi, I’m Gabriella!
About My Poetry
My debut poetry collection, “Healing”, was published in February 2020 and is available on Amazon. I am so grateful for the support I’ve received worldwide. Through my words, I hope to spread a message of self-empowerment, showing my readers they are capable of anything as long as they practice self-love.

You can see more of my poetry by following me on Instagram @gabriellaalziari.
About My Coaching
I’m passionate about helping others develop their leadership ability and channel their energy towards a greater purpose. I’ve been in the coaching space for 5 years and have coached a range of individuals, from executives to students.

I work with my clients to manage their energy, trust their intuition and lead a fulfilling life. I have a reiki level 2 certification and am a practitioner of meditation, yoga and qi gong. I use techniques from these disciplines to reduce stress, maximize mental clarity, and promote self-awareness.

You can sign up for coaching, personal readings and guided reiki sessions here.
  • Master of Science, Organizational Behavior - London School of Economics
  • Study Abroad, English Literature - University of Oxford
  • Bachelor of Arts, English Literature - Kenyon College
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