Gabriella Alziari


You are fading from me,

an image frozen in time,

a single picture, so still in my mind,

but slipping from my consciousness.


Together, we were never still--

we were always moving.

You moving inside of me,

inciting a million ripples,

rainbows bursting before my eyes

like thrilling kisses of nighttime mist,

enshrouding me with every second.


Together our voices were giggles,

me, laughing breathlessly; you, smirking and joking;

I shed my obligations, as words melted to motions,

and kisses, and cocktails,

our drunken love bound up in one another

like two silver fish, pierced by the same passion.


How was it that I became lost in you,

in your eyes like shards of pixilated life

that together formed the most exciting ocean,

in your muscles, smooth as manacles,

that bound me in a grip as firm and real as my heartbreak,

as my missing you.


Oh it hurts that, when I write,

your candlelit love with its fine dining and endless caresses

is rolling into me,

a night-tossing with sleepy morning eyes,

molding to my sadness.


Too pure, too sweet, too sincere for this world, you were.

My heart falls in a hundred lonely pieces as the ink dries from this pen

because, once again, you’re fading.

Fading into the quiet recesses of my life that I push out of sight,

the place I lock my heartache, a solemn corner of my memory

where love is kept in silence,

so as not to taunt

my waking, yearning self.