Gabriella Alziari


There is a little piece of heaven

deep within my core,

ticking like a time bomb,

a firework set free.


I find layers of myself here,

tender, marbled flesh born from glittering miracles,

like glowing ink skies illuminated by lightning,

coaxing me to bravery.


My mind has been buried in haze.

In my little room, I ruminate

Over this solitude, this kindling that ruptures like a fire.

In my fragile home, I come awake to my purpose.


I was born to lead.

It rings like a million bells shaking me from sleep.


I feel my calling like a pounding drum,

a hummingbird in song,

my melody oscillating to the beat of the universe.


There are numerous paths before me.

I am sifting through them, knee-deep,

wading through my challenges, mapping vibrant constellations,

seizing my own greatness.