Gabriella Alziari


I step into the shadows of the truth,

back to my memories.

There are crows at every corner,

their wings glisten in the darkness.


I remember spotting you

across the wooden hallways.

Your face somber

as a soldier

after the breaking.


We split like icebergs

in a charcoal sea,

never to meet again.


Tears streamed down my face.

Our galaxy of stars

faded there, forever.


You were my dark psychology.


The sharpness of your love,

its rusty taste of shrapnel.

The danger of our passion,

it was the sweetest war.


It was long ago.


But I cannot forget the pain

I poured my heart into.

I cannot sit here, and pretend

that my soul is fully cleansed.


Even years after the breaking,

I am not as whole as I was

before you.


Facing the facts

is a constant source

of suffering.


I realize that now, as I see

a shadow

of my former self.


I realize that now, as I cleanse

my current one.